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How to Prepare for a Home Remodeling Project

Last month we spoke about the choice between staying in your current home and remodeling or moving to a new home. Perhaps you’ve decided you’re going to stay. So, what happens next? You’re first priority will be looking for the right contractor to remodel your home. You can find some great tips on our blog at How to Select the Best Contractor.

Now, you’ve selected your contractor and your plans are in action – remodeling has begun! What can you do to prepare for your home being remodeled while you’re living it? We have a few tips for you.:

Things may get broken.

These are accidents, but things could get broken that you weren’t expecting. Be sure to move things from your home or to a safe place (parents or neighbors) that are valuable to you. Even things like pictures can take a tumble off the wall. Be prepared by stowing these things away during the remodeling process.

What did you say!?

There will be a crew working, moving tools and equipment, conversations going on, it will be loud. Knowing this is going to happen, prepare your family for certain times of days for naps, homework and dinner.

It’s going to get dusty.

There’s no way around this, so just prepare. Your Contractor will take care of some areas with tarps and plastic sheeting, but you may want to go a step further and block off areas that you want to keep the dust out of, like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets and your food. Using the plastic sheeting or simply placing a towel over your food will work.

No water!?

If your renovation includes a kitchen or bathrooms there are times your contractor will need to turn off the water. Be sure to have a few gallons of water on hand for drinking and cleaning.

Here are some questions that we’ve answered for our clients when starting a remodeling project.:

Q. What should I do prior to your arrival?

A. Move furniture or items that will be in the way based on the job at hand. Additionally, if we do have to move large furniture, we ask that you clean what is under the furniture so that our crew isn’t cleaning and moving.

Q. What is the most important thing I can do to prepare?

A. Communicate paint colors well in advance. Also, order your materials well in advance so there isn’t any delay. And, be sure communicate to us any delays in delivery of ordered items.

Q. What top things should I expect during remolding?

A. Expect for the unexpected. Sometimes issues are discovered during the remodel phase that will need to be corrected before proceeding. Expect your timeline to be met, but sometimes delays may occur. And, although our crew will always clean up each day, expect your house to look like it's being remodeled.

If you’re trying to decide on whether to remodel your current home, give us a call. We’re happy to discuss with you the options and potential of renovating your home. We can speak with you about simple renovations to your home as well that will make you fall in love with your home all over again. Contact B.L. Ward & Associates at 302.312.6051, or email us at We are here to help you keep your home your best and proudest investment.

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