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How to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

We think most of us get spring fever long before spring even hits our area, and the best way to satisfy that fever is to get your home spruced up for the season. We have a few tips on how to “spring up” your home:

Swap in new window treatments for the spring time

Coordinate your new (or seasonal) window treatments along with changing up your sofa pillows and/or floor rugs for the room.

Curb appeal is important for the spring time

So, get decorating outside by sprucing up your front porch or door wreath with spring-time accents.

Add a splash of color

Create an accent wall or hang up new colorful artworks throughout your home.

Bring in new scents

Try scented candles with citrus or seaside scents. Your guests will smell spring in the air even before they notice your new accent wall or art deco cabinet.

Give your space a good ol' Deep Spring Clean

It'll thank you later. Places that require a deep cleaning are typically windows, baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds & shutters, vent covers, doors, grout, and your refrigerator/freezer.

Schedule your spring cleaning and use this The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist we found – it breaks down the cleaning for each room in your home including outdoors!

While you’re spring cleaning you may notice that your home is in need of a little extra TLC. We can spruce up your walls with touch up paint or that new accent wall. Found your ceiling fan isn’t working? We install new ceiling fans as well as other things that may end up on your Honey Do List. Contact B.L. Ward & Associates at 302.312.6051, or email us at We are here to help you keep your home your best and proudest investment.

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